Friday, August 20, 2010

Running, Destroyed Knees and Aditour

I started jogging 2 years ago in Berlin. I wanted to get back in shape but didn't want to spend any money on either equipment or gym. I grabbed the cheapest (and best looking!) shoes I could find and started going jogging in the mornings. It felt so nice!

Now, my shoes are really damaged and I'm in London. I'm jogging on asphalt most of the times, unlike in Berlin where I was running on softer grounds. The humidity level here is also pretty high on average so my knees really crack and hurt all the time. I bought soles for my shoes but it still wasn't enough to fix the problem.

A week ago, I got talked into the aditour stand to go and get my feet scanned and advised on shoes. This happened as they randomly set it up on a corner I cross on my way back from jogging. That's pretty awesome as a random event.

Unfortunatly for them (good for me), I didn't have any money on me and didn't buy the shoes they made me try. Although it did feel like walking on little clouds! The shoes are Adidas Supernova Glide 2 and I ordered them from amazon.

Now let's see if this helps anything to the knee pain...

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