Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day Off

Yesterday I jogged a good 30 mins and then did some muscle work. I came home feeling good and decided to go shopping a bit. A bit turned into 2 hours of walking around and I came home still feeling good. Later on, the knee pain appeared. And within an hour I could feel my knee completely stiff and in pain. I went to the pharmacy in search of pain killers and came back to more excruciating pain.

I don't know how to deal with this pain. I really need advice.

Here were the choices;

- Heat patches
- Heat rub
- Ibuprofen
- Glucosamine and cod liver oil for something more long-term
(Seriously, have you seen the size of these things??? No? Well next time you go to a pharmacy have a look, they display the actual size of the capsules on the box.)

I came home with heat rub because it was the least expensive and most fitted. The heat patches seem nice but they are one use and work for 8 hours. Am I supposed to keep these on while sleeping? They are also quite expensive as they are one-use only.

Heat rub wasn't too satisfying either. It just felt like more pain to distract me from the actual pain. And what's worse; I still have pain this morning. I will seek medical advice pretty soon...


On another note, I found a couple of nice things I thought I might post here! When I bought my adidas it said they were 'micoach' compatible. I thought hey that's great! I have an ipod! Let's try it on!

And then I realized it's only for iphone.. what a disappointment.
I don't know if it's any good, but I'd like to know!

I'm still using this little tool; Jogging Calculator

Nothing too fancy, but it maps my jogging routes and tells me how much I might have been burning off and so on.. There probably is a good ipod app for free out there... I'll keep looking.

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